Meet our New Zealand Sister Sanctuary

ZEALANDIA is a world-first, fully-fenced urban eco-sanctuary located in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand.

With a 500-year vision to restore a Wellington valley’s forest and freshwater ecosystems as closely as possible to their pre-human state, the 225 hectare eco-sanctuary is a groundbreaking conservation project that has reintroduced 18 species of native wildlife back into the area, six of which were previously absent from mainland New Zealand for over 100 years.

Today we signed an MOU with ZEALANDIA to foster collaboration and to support cross-promotion.  We have already learnt much from our cross-tasman colleagues, including how to develop opportunities for volunteers to engage in ‘fence patrols’ at Mulligans Flat. New direct flights to Wellington will enable the partnership to grow.

Read the MEDIA RELEASE – Sister Sanctuaries Partnership with Zealandia.

Visit ZEALANDIA when you go to Wellington.

French Connections

Did you know the Eastern Bettong (Bettongia gaimardi) was named after a French naturalist?

The scientific community first described this species when French naturalists Quoy and Gaimard collected a specimen from the Blue Mountains in NSW, during a visit of the vessel l’Uranie to Port Jackson under Freycinet in 1819.FrenchBettong

Nearly two hundred years later, we were honoured by a visit of French Ambassador to Australia H.E. Mr. Christophe Lecourtier to Mulligans Flat on the weekend.  After sharing stories of the pre-Renaissance bloom of natural history discoveries we were able to showcase our woodlands restoration efforts.

In addition to the ample bettong sightings we were treated to some rare up-close viewings of the Bush Stone-curlew, a real treat for the Ambassador and the Alliance Francaise team.



Help tell our stories

We are seeking to engage a Communications Officer to help promote our programs and partnerships. We have amazing tales to tell around Jerrabomberra Wetlands and Mulligans Flat.quolls

Just yesterday I met someone who lives in Forde that wasn’t aware we run Twilight Tours through the Sanctuary (every Friday BTW – book at!

The scale of the challenge and opportunity to reach the community is vast.

If you are think you are the right person for the job – check out the details (WWT Communications Officer) and send us an EOI.


Make the Switch

Great news with the folks at Bank Australia supporting our woodlands and wetlands. When you switch your mortgage they will donate to us 0.4% of the value of that mortgage.

Why not check them out?

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