What We’re Doing

Enriching our Living Environment

The Capital Woodland and Wetlands Conservation Trust are raising funds to ensure that the future of Mulligans Flat Woodlands Sanctuary and Jerrabomberra WetlandsNature Reserve is assured. The funds will support a range of activities that will allow the reserves to continue to be outstanding locations for nature conservation, ecological research, innovative management, education and nature-based recreation.

Want to visit us? Download maps of the ACT and site maps below:

PDF File ACT Map     PDF File Mulligans Flat & Jerrabomberra Wetlands Site Maps

Scientific research for the whole planet

Working on these two sites are some of the best scientists in Australia. They are doing active intervention based studies in ways rarely done anywhere. They cover a wide range of disciplines from ecology to hydrology. They bring leading international reputations personally and students who will be future leaders.

Both these projects have the potential to produce long term results in ways we have never managed to achieve before.

This is active science aimed directly at better conservation management for these sites and in similar natural areas in Australia.

The Need To Protect These Spaces

Imagine walking through box-gum grassy woodland at dusk. It is a clear, warm, spring evening. Through the tops of the trees you can just see the russet-red sun setting over the Brindabella Mountains. The air is still and filled with the aroma of chocolate lilies, damp woodland soil and eucalypt leaves.

Then, suddenly, the silence is broken by a soulful call in the distance. It’s a rare Bush Stone Curlew!

The light is fading quickly, and you switch on your torch. There is a rustle in the undergrowth. It’s too small to be a kangaroo or a wallaby. You shine your torch in the direction of the sound. Then, from behind a log, a small bettong hops towards you – oblivious to your presence. It digs a little by your feet, and then scoots into the undergrowth. As you scan the open, grassy woodland with your torch you realise that you are surrounded! Bettongs are hopping all around, digging the soil, and scratching in the leaf litter. Smaller bandicoots run between them, searching for grubs and bugs.

The woodland is teeming with life, and you have just experienced something that no-one has experienced in Canberra for nearly 100 years.

Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve is one of the most valuable wetland habitat areas in the ACT and is of national and international significance. It is a refuge for migrating birds from the northern hemisphere and inland Australia; is part of Canberra Nature Park, and is located on the Molonglo River floodplain only four kilometers from Canberra’s City centre.

Each year, during the warmer months, the reserve hosts several international travellers. These are the migratory birds that fly thousands of kilometres from the northern hemisphere and seek refuge in the wetlands. Over 80 species of waterbird have been recorded there, including 25 successfully breeding. Another 90 species of birds also use these wetlands.

Come and take a stroll through the wetlands and discover a unique array of wetland and terrestrial habitats, remnants of the wetland’s agricultural origins, and learn about the ecology of this precious place. Pathways and bird hides will help you discover the delights of wildlife watching.