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I would like you to join me, not in saving the whole planet, but to ensure that 1200 very important hectares are looked after in perpetuity. I am not asking you to do something I am not prepared to do myself!

Also I believe it is crucial because with a little bit of luck we are going to do a lot more than save 1200 hectares. The Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary and Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve have the potential to be sites of national and international significance – they are Canberra’s living Laboratories.

Committing to set up a scientifically monitored and managed site in perpetuity is a very big ask, only done to date in one or two places on the planet and on a much smaller scale. Those sites have revealed much more about the world, not just ecology, than they were ever thought to do, and I assure you this could be as powerful and important well beyond my lifetime.

So please join me not only for the future of these places, but also for scientific outcomes that we cannot yet imagine…”

Alison Russell-French, Chair Woodlands and Wetlands Trust

How to get involved


If you would like to volunteer with us at Mulligans Flat or Jerrabomberra Wetlands please follow the links below:

Volunteer with Jerrabomberra Wetlands
Volunteer with Mulligans Flat


Individual donations

The Woodland and Wetlands Trust raises funds for the important conservation work being conducted at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary and Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve.

The trust uses the services of the GreaterGood gift fund, overseen by the Public Trustee for the ACT, to receive tax deductible donations. If you would like to contribute please click here

Regular deductions

We welcome “one off” donations and also encourage regular giving which will ensure the long term sustainability of Woodlands and Wetlands Trust.

Please contact us on 0428 224 904 if you are interested in making regular donations through direct debit.

Send a cheque

Write a cheque to Woodlands and Wetlands Trust, and post it to the Public Trustee of the ACT, PO Box 221, Civic Square, ACT, 2608. Specify that your donation is for account 142457. You should also provide your name and address so that we can send a receipt to you.